Clean eating cornbread

I adore bread – and i especially like corn! hence delicious bread! haha

I remember my first experience of corn bread – at Disney Paris – at the western eating night..
Chilli con carne – with corn bread. I was loathing it at the time, the idea of eating it all with lots of kidney beans .. yuck.
i was 16 at the time, and a good 4 stone heavier but hated chilli. alas not this one.. this was yummy
and ever since that day i have made chillie con carne at home – but not the corn bread. I was not that advanced
at that point!!

But now i have cornmeal (much easier to get then a few years back!) and i have full reign of my diet i can make and share this yummy bread.. Overall its like a sweet cake sponge and not a minute of waiting for the thing to rise.

This was made to go with homemade weird chili and will be up shortly
Recipe and instructions:
►1 cup of cornmeal or cornflower or also known as polenta
►1/2 cup of wholemeal or healthy bread flour
►1 teaspoon of baking powder
►pinch of salt
►5 tablespoons of honey (less or more depending on sweetness)
►1 cup or skim milk or hazlenut/almond milk
►half cup of yogurt of choice.. greek or natural…
►2 eggs
►dash of olive oil or coconut oil
►optional corn from a can!

How to make:
►Preheat the oven to around gas mark 6
►You will need two bowls one for dry one for wet.. mix together all the dry ingredients and stir all the wet ones in another.
►Once you have them mixed fold in the wet ingredients – don’t batter them to death just make sure its all gently mixed.. lumps are cool in this instance
►I placed the mix into a heavy baking dish, and lined with a piece of baking parchment for ease and saving on washing up/storing – and placed into the oven for about 20 mins
►To check if this is cooked place a Sharpe knife in the center .. comes out clean? awesome its cooked… if it comes out gooey it needs longer .. top looking like its burning? fold over the excess paper or place some tinfoil over it
►take out and slice and serve NOMMY!!

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